It was a full year of photography and literacy at Peninsula. Here we highlight three dynamic projects of 2017-18.

Julie Keefe conducted an all-school comprehensive residency that paired photography and writing. In the kindergarten and 1st grade classes, students did animal characteristic and habitat explorations where they wrote poems about animals and paired them with photos they took. Second graders went out on a community field trip, capturing photos that conveyed what community means to them. They also wrote their reflections of community. 3rd – 4th graders did shout-out poems where they partnered with another student learned about them, took their photograph and then wrote a tribute poem about their partner. 5th graders went on a field trip to the Oregon Historical Society. They took photos of objects that inspired them from Oregon’s history and wrote a short story about the object.


All year long, each Saturday, Peninsula School was open for Caldera Creative Lab. 15 – 20 students and family members came to make art, get homework help and connect with their positive school community. The last project made in the Lab was a Giant Rainbow. Photos were taken around the community of different colors and then photo by photo the colors were placed together into a giant rainbow that now hangs in the main hall at Peninsula. The pot at the end of the rainbow will be a photo of the students of Peninsula.


Julie Keefe also lead the Caldera classes in “The Best Part of Me” project. They took photos of each other and then wrote what they believe is the best part of themselves on the photo. This was a project they did in their first ever Caldera class four years ago, so they were able to compare and comment on the changes in themselves over the years. These students were also prepared for Camp Caldera which they are eligible for after 6th grade. They were also given ways to stay connected to Caldera for the rest of their years in school.