As I get my ideas in order for the upcoming Hood River Rendezvous I can’t help but create a new flow chart – one of my favorite ways to evaluate my own work as project manager.  And so, I have posted my most recent flowchart for me to have as a resource but also for anyone that is interested in seeing what we’ve been up to at Ashland Middle School.

My goal is to use this flowchart to create the specific materials that I need for the rendezvous.  For example, there is a an evaluation component that includes rubrics, to demonstrate student learning.  I hope to have that with me.  Also there are lots of new lesson plans that we have created for integration.  I expect to print photos to show that work.  And one final example would be storytelling, I expect to have one of our videos with me, just in case I have a chance to share our work in trying to raise support for the arts.

The biggest new news will be the website that we are creating for Integration and Outreach.  It isn’t live yet, but we are getting close!

Hood River Rendezvous

Flow Chart Hood River


Excited for the big event!  See you all there.

Sincerely, Denise