I’m excited about the work we are doing for our first outreach event. This is the component of our program that allows the community to support our endeavors at Ashland Middle School.

We are planning our event for March 14th.  This will be a celebration and fundraising experience for parents of Ashland Middle School.  We have our hired Event Planner, our hired Arts Coordinator and now a large list of volunteer parents that will help us to create the event.

We will feature art by all five department of Ashland Middle School and have a silent auction, a live auction, and a raffle.  We will have catered food, a Salsa Band, and fun activities for the parents to engage in while sipping wine and snacking on hors d’ouvres.

We are all very excited to celebrate the arts together while creating a funding source for a sustainable arts program at AMS!!!!

– Denise Baxter