In year 4 we tracked our program participation, learning that Latino and low-income engagement varies from year to year and program to program. Our original project goal, for the entire performing arts program to mirror the school population, remains the same. While we have met or exceeded this goal in our choir, musical theatre and mariachi program, our band program is still not quite there. As a result, we are utilizing our data from Year 4 to inform our program and engagement approaches for Year 5. Our year 5 evaluation plan is rooted in three areas of participation: student, staff and community.

We hope to see sustainable growth in the three areas measured: Latino and low-income student engagement across programs, HRMS staff participation and innovation in multiple disciplines of arts education and community volunteerism, engagement and financial support. In year 5, we will determine whether or not we are meeting our project goal, how adjustments made year-to-year affected outcomes and what adjustments currently need to be made to sustain the growth we have realized so we can maintain engagement and sustain the programs through community support.


HRMS Mariachi performance 2018


Summer Teacher Arts Institute 2018


Musical Festival of the Gorge volunteer committee 2018