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E-Journal Reflection #11: THE RUBRIC!!

What was the rubric process like for your team?

Brent, Shelley and Anna worked together to delve into the rubrics for the principles. In a text before the meeting, Shelley informed the team to be prepared to roll up their sleeves and engage in some thoughtful and granular work, instead of the typical fun and games. We met in Brent’s office after a school day. We spent the first few minutes discussing Anna and her husband’s new opportunity in Washington D.C. and tried to stay upbeat while absorbing the fact that she would be leaving us at the end of the school year. Anna dug into the work with the team as if she was going to be leading the charge for years to come; we expected no less from her.

We settled into the work and found we were genuinely well-suited to collaborate on this effort as each brought our own knowledge and skill set to the process. Two hours seemed to pass quickly and we found we had to move forward with assignments for each of us to revisit the work independently before finalizing it via email before submitting.  It took some time, and was effective in helping us to identify the current state of our project and to establish that we have a shared understanding of the strengths and opportunities for growth within our project.

Did filling out the rubric help you reflect on your project’s progress?

Yes, it was helpful to examine each principle carefully and then to work together to describe where we currently fall on the rubric. We all agreed that we wished we had more time in our days for this type of thoughtful examination of the work on a regular basis and as a result, we plan to schedule regular meetings for reflection not just program planning and logistics.

We identified the need for a more formally developed plan for financial sustainability. We know we will have to reduce some programming, and will keep that which is integral to keep the program thriving.

What feedback do you have about the rubric or the pilot process?

The rubric and the process are tedious but necessary. We all went into the process knowing this to be true and that was helpful. The research team provided ample support through the webinar and the invitation to reach out by telephone, if needed. My telephone call with Kim was especially helpful to our team. The process was not as difficult or daunting as we imagined. We feel we are well-prepared to reexamine the rubric during the rendezvous this summer.

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