Arts Education Offerings (list each below) Was this developed through S2S project? (Yes or No) Types of Programming (Check box for those that apply) Additional Detail
In-School Out-of-School Sequential Integration Exposure Other (explain in notes) What students is offering intended/ available for? (Grades, #, any qualifiers/ prerequisites) With what intensity is it offered? (days & hours by week/month) Notes (if additional detail/ explanation needed)
Band no yes yes yes no yes 6,7,8 A/B day schedule
Jazz Band no yes yes yes yes 8 (advanced) Daily
Music Technology yes yes yes no no yes Currently offered to Jazz Band students as pilot.   Will expand. Currently offered to Jazz Band students as pilot.   Will expand.


no no yes no yes yes 6,7,8 Afterschool in Winter.
Family Cultural Ni yes yes yes n/a yes yes Storybody, families. Fall event Community Engagement.
Latino Family Art Advisory Committee yes no yes n/a n/a yes families n/a Community Engagement
Visual Art no yes yes no yes yes 6,7,8 Varies


  • What arts education offering that is new as a result of your Studio to School project do you think has been most impactful to date – either for students, teachers, or your school community more generally? Why do you think that is?


Family Cultural Night is the most impactful because it engages students, teachers and families in multiple art forms in preparation for a school-wide event, dinner, and performance.


  • How are you working to connect these various offerings to make arts education more coordinated or comprehensive through your Studio to School project?


We work diligently to connect our offerings with a focus on our goal for the participation in performing arts program to reflect the student body. For us that means engaging more Latino youth and their families.


  • How are you working to ensure that these offerings are responsive to the needs and interests of your community?


We speak with students regularly about the offerings and respond to the feedback we receive. We have formed a Latino             Parent Arts Committee to help us better understand the barriers to participate and to formulate solutions to make the          arts more accessible to Latino students.