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E-Journal: Change continues

What was the rubric process like for your team? Members of our team: McKenzie Hughes, Susie Dobkins, Nathan Perkins, Michelle…

Arts Summary

Arts Summary by Hines Middle School Teacher McKenzie Hughes

Arts Integration Summary

Arts Integration Summary by Teacher Kelly Dahl

Harney County year 2020 – E-Journal 10

Reflection 10 – Looking to the Future in Harney County  

Harney County Project Evaluation Plan Year #4-5

S2S Measurement Plan Final 17-18

Harney County – Journal Post #9

S2S Principle #3) Honor the diverse perspectives, experiences, and contribution of all involved. Please click the link below.  …

#8–Sustainable and effective

While this post is somewhat short and sweet it is succinct and well thought out and carries with it a…

Year 2–EVAL

Reflection #7 – Evaluating Year Two Studio Achievements Student Learning Success Harney Schools are rockin’ and rollin’ with successes!  Our…

E-Journal #7

Success in terms of student learning as defined by our evaluation rubric will come in multiple forms.  A) Student exposure…

e-Journal Asssignment #5

What: Your fifth reflection e-journal assignment is to respond to the following prompt: Using the framework below, share detail about,…


The most important thing that our team learned at the August rendezvous about community engagement included a simple procedure, yet…

Reflection E-Journal Assignment #3: Year 1: A review and a look forward

In implementing the Studio to School Grant in Year 1 it is important to note that there were major changes…

Protected: Reflection E-Journal Assignment #2–Partnerships

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Journal Reflection 1: Gettin’ the ball rollin’!

The largest county in Oregon, Harney County, which is 10,226 square miles, is one of the most beautiful places in…