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Arts Summary

Arts Summary by Hines Middle School Teacher McKenzie Hughes

Arts Integration Summary

Arts Integration Summary by Teacher Kelly Dahl

Harney County year 2020 – E-Journal 10

Reflection 10 – Looking to the Future in Harney County  

Harney County Project Evaluation Plan Year #4-5

S2S Measurement Plan Final 17-18

Harney County – Journal Post #9

S2S Principle #3) Honor the diverse perspectives, experiences, and contribution of all involved. Please click the link below.  …

#8–Sustainable and effective

While this post is somewhat short and sweet it is succinct and well thought out and carries with it a…

Year 2–EVAL

Reflection #7 – Evaluating Year Two Studio Achievements Student Learning Success Harney Schools are rockin’ and rollin’ with successes!  Our…

E-Journal #7

Success in terms of student learning as defined by our evaluation rubric will come in multiple forms.  A) Student exposure…

e-Journal Asssignment #5

What: Your fifth reflection e-journal assignment is to respond to the following prompt: Using the framework below, share detail about,…


The most important thing that our team learned at the August rendezvous about community engagement included a simple procedure, yet…

Reflection E-Journal Assignment #3: Year 1: A review and a look forward

In implementing the Studio to School Grant in Year 1 it is important to note that there were major changes…

Protected: Reflection E-Journal Assignment #2–Partnerships

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Journal Reflection 1: Gettin’ the ball rollin’!

The largest county in Oregon, Harney County, which is 10,226 square miles, is one of the most beautiful places in…