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Ethos Elkton E-Journal

Elkton Arts Education in 2020

What will arts education look like in your community? What’s the story you want to tell about your project’s impact?…

E-Journal Reflection #5

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Rendezvousing in Sisters: Lessons in Community Engagement

The August rendezvous in Sisters provided a great opportunity to observe a community that has fully embraced and nurtured an…

Humans and Resources: A Look Back on Year 1

What have you learned about the resources (both monetary and non-monetary) needed to be successful in implementing your project? One…

This Exciting Collaboration

Andrew Arriaga In the previous journal entry I wrote about my drive to revitalize musical drama in Elkton. Such revitalization…

Project Launch Surprise

Andrew Arriaga leads a group of students at the 2013 Fort Umpqua Days local history pageant                           at Elkton Community Education…

Tree Lighting Ceremony

3rd/4th Year Honor Band

Veteran’s Day Assembly

Senior Lunch – Halloween

Big Red Riot

Percussion Recital