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Author: Janet Caldwell

Biography Shelf – Unit of Study

“Acrylic ‘Color Mix and Play’ Canvas” – Fields Elementary School

“Still Life in Pencil, Emphasis on Drawing and Shading” – Fields Elementary School

“Clay Play (Intro to Ceramics)” – Fields Elementary School

“Pottery – Make a Bowl” – Fields Elementary School

Reflection – Second Trimester – Hines Middle School

Reflection – Research Question: Does Math-Arts integration at HMS impact Classroom Learning? A story of Trimester 1 & 2. Trimester…

E-Journal #15: Community and the principles

As evidenced through past journal postings from the Harney team, staff turnover has impacted the work in various aspects of…

Leather Tooling at Crane Middle School

Leather Tooling at Crane Middle School

Crane Middle School Art Integration Lesson Plans

Extension of social studies lesson The First Unification of India

Math Art Integration – Lesson Plans and Reflections from Hines Middle School, 2018-2019 School Year.

Listed below are Math Art Integration Lesson Plans and Reflections from Hines Middle School – Stained Glass Lesson Plan and…

Youth Equity Stewardship (YES) video

Hines Middle School YES Video

Molecule Poetry Assignment – Hines Middle School Students

Sell an Molecule Poetry Reading – Lesson Plan Molecule Poetry Assignment link – Student Comments

Arts Summary

Arts Summary by Hines Middle School Teacher McKenzie Hughes

Arts Integration Summary

Arts Integration Summary by Teacher Kelly Dahl

Arts Integration First Trimester Reflection

During this trimester, my students were exposed to a variety of art concepts during their science lessons. Students in STEM…

Science Art Integration – Lesson Plans

Listed below are Art Lesson Plans from Hines Middle School: Planets – 6th Grade STEM Lesson Plan – Grades 6-8…

OCF Studio to School Rendezvous Creative Project

“Change the Story, Change the World” power point

Harney County year 2020 – E-Journal 10

Reflection 10 – Looking to the Future in Harney County  

Harney County Project Evaluation Plan Year #4-5

S2S Measurement Plan Final 17-18

Harney County – Journal Post #9

S2S Principle #3) Honor the diverse perspectives, experiences, and contribution of all involved. Please click the link below.  …

Our arts integration/equity work here in Harney County with Youth Equity Stewardship (YES!)

Day 1 Day 2 and 3

ELA Art Integration – Lesson Plans

Listed below are Art Lesson plans from Hines Middle School: Fall Poem Tough Turkey Veterans Day Trash Art Jelly Lanterns…

Students Create Stained Glass at Hines Middle School